Match Monday 1/28/13 – Beau’s Adoption

So here it goes… my very first post! I’m so excited to start updating; first Facebook and now my very own blog. Who would have thought just one little (yet incredibly smart and devilishly handsome) house cat would be taking over the cyber world at such a rapid pace?!

I think it’s only fitting to start off my own little corner of the Internet with a “Match Monday” success story about one particular dog who was very near and dear to just about everyone he encountered at The Bangor Humane Society. After all, that is one of my favorite parts of living here: getting to see all of the animals who come through our BHS doors find their way through the new doors of their forever homes.

Beau is a great guy. Big and beautiful, smart and very loving – yet still incredibly silly – all rolled into one big black lab mixed with a little bit of Rottweiler. One of my favorite things about him was to watch how he would greet the staff here: by throwing his body onto them in a big bear hug, letting his paws dangle at their sides. There was never a dull moment with Beau around, and there was never a question about how much he loved being around humans. Although sometimes it took him a second to feel comfortable around strangers, he could never hold back giving that famous hug at the end of each new introduction.

Beau became almost as famous as the feline writing this blog when our PR manager Stacey brought him to the news one wintry morning. He showed beautifully as our feature “Pet of the Week,” with his handsome black fur and pretty golden eyes popping on camera. However, it’s safe to say his personality is what really stole the show. The people who were watching definitely noticed because on the very day that Beau was featured on the news, a couple came in to meet him and happily stated that they would love to give him a forever home.

After talking with them a while, and letting them get the chance to know Beau, we quickly realized that the bittersweet moment was upon us. Although it is sad to see the animals leave because they are what makes The Bangor Humane Society staff have so much love for coming to work each day, it is one of the most rewarding things I have witnessed to see an animal and a human find each other.

So just like that Beau was gone- adopted by a great family who was more than happy to love him just as much as we did here at BHS.

But then, much to our surprise, a few days later, Beau was back at the humane society! Why, you ask? For a visit! And, so soon after he was adopted! What a great new family he has!! I bet they could sense how much we were missing him. They brought him in and told us stories about how much he is loves his new home. He tags along with them wherever they go and absolutely loves car rides. Even around their resident cats, Beau is a complete gentleman! I could have told them I got good vibes from him whenever he was around, but haven’t quite figured out yet how to speak human. What a great visit and obviously a fantastic match. Everyone at BHS was so happy to be a part of bringing a new family together!