“Match Monday” 2/18/13- Bonkers for Yonkers

Did you know that in 2012, 361 dogs came to the Bangor Humane Society as lost or abandoned strays?! Holy catnip, that’s a lot of lost dogs! My favorite days are when worried dog moms and dads get reuntied with their furbaby right in our lobby, and I get to watch the happy reunion, while the tune of “Reunited, and it feels so good!” plays through my mind. Those moments are just as happy for the BHS staff, who keep them warm and safe while they wait to be returned home, as it is for the lost dogs and their human.

Well, that’s how I came to meet Yonkers. Sometime in January, Yonkers, a 10 year old Retriever mix, was out all alone in the cold, roaming the Bangor streets when a nice Bangor Policeman stopped and picked him up. He knew the cold, dark streets of Bangor late at night were no place for an old guy like Yonkers. I mean, truthfully, he was more of a “lay in front of the fireplace” kind of canine. So, he brought that sweet, crazy canine to BHS. Staff tried to find his owner and waited the seven days they are required, in case an owner was searching for Yonkers. Sadly no one came. So Yonkers entered our adoption program and passed his evaluation with flying colors! He saw the vet who removed several large fatty tumors from him. I swear he lost 5 pounds- what a relief he must have felt!

Now, I must address some of the lobby chatter I typically hear while perched up on the adoption desk. I often hear other humans discuss how sad it is to see a senior dog end up at the shelter because adopters looking for an elderly dog must be few and far between. Well, I must say there are plenty of them out there! We have some big hearted dog lovers out there who just don’t want a puppy- let’s face it- they are a lot of work! Some people just want a loveable, calm guy like Yonkers, who is just looking for a retirement home.

I must say, even I was smitten by ol’ Yonkers. He didn’t seem to mind me perched on my counter, keeping staff on their toes. He respected me as the king pin around here, and I certainly was taught to always respect my elders! I even began to look up to the guy, in a grandfatherly kind of way.

Yonkers and I remained shelter mates for several weeks, and sadly, onlookers just kept passing his kennel by. Then, one day everything changed! Staff worked hard on taking Valentine’s Day photos of all our adoptable dogs to show them off on our Facebook page. And, as luck would have it, Yonker’s future doggy mom saw his face and fell in love!

Yonkers poses for his Valentine’s Day photo at BHS!

The next day the lovely Christine was at BHS shortly after we opened. She filled out the necessary adoption paperwork, visited with him and that sealed the deal! I put my paw of approval on the paperwork and Yonkers was on his way home! Staff announced his adoption over the PA system so they could come to the lobby to celebrate his adoption day! Yonkers didn’t seem too taken by all the hoo-ha, but who doesn’t love to be the center of attention time and again. Usually, I don’t like to make a big fuss, but even I went Bonkers for Yonkers!

Yonkers’ Adoption Photo with his new doggy mom!

Later that night, Yonkers new doggy mom sent us the perfect Facebook photo. Not only was he settling in to his new home well, but he fell asleep in front of the fireplace. And, that’s when all the BHS staff knew, with certainty, that Yonkers had found his perfect match!

Yonkers sleeps in front of his new fireplace!