Austin’s Antics – All the Pretty Pitties!

I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard “I don’t know how I feel about adopting a pit bull” lately. But the truth is, pit bulls make awesome canine companions! Trust me, I have been around a good amount of that particular breed lately. Of the 14 dogs we have up for adoption at The Bangor Humane Society, 11 of them are pit bulls! There’s Precious, Shorty, Peppermint, Kelso, Kemper, Puddles, Davine, Cinnamon, Winnie, Phoebe, and Suki Sue! So take it from a house cat who has some real personal hands-on experience, pit bulls make great pets too; let me tell you my top 3 reasons why.

1. Pit bulls are really smart and eager to please dogs. Take it from one of my favorite girls, Cinnamon! I can’t tell you how quickly she was willing to sit pretty for this picture.


2. Pit bulls are very people oriented dogs. They love attention, and are super affectionate! Look at Precious, she’s literally rolling over herself trying to get closer to the adoption counselor in this picture.

3. Pit bulls are active dogs who have an awesome play style. Look at Peppermint in this picture, could she be any cuter?! I am more partial to the tortisshell color cats myself, but she is down right adorable in her play bow pose!

So there it is, my top three reasons why I think pit bulls are just great! If you need a little reassurance, stop by BHS today and ask one of the adoption counselors more about the breed, do a little research online, or just come in and see for yourself!