Match Monday 2/25/13: Seeing and Matching Double

Here at the Bangor Humane Society, we believe there is a fur-match for everyone. This February alone, we have found 181 furbaby to human matches alone! Stretched across my cat castle, I’ve heard humans discuss, once or twice, the belief that every human has a look alike double, or “twin,” out there in the universe. Not, an actual-share-the-same-parents kind of twin, but similar-enough-in-physical-characteristics-that-people- will-take-a-second- look kind of “twin”. Well, the same kind of phenomenon happens in the animal kingdom. And, I was lucky enough this month to witness two of our crazy canines, not only find their perfect fur-ever match, but they also went home with their “fur look-alike!”

Seriously folks, wacky things happen every day here at the Bangor Humane Society. You have to see it to believe it! So, don’t take my work for it, check it out for yourself. Meet Brady. He is a young beagle that was adopted from us years ago but recently found his way back to BHS when his owner became ill and could no longer provide for him. As fate would have it, his new owners, The Strout Family, came in looking for a fur-friend for their female beagle, Bailey. Holy catnip! Except for the gender difference, can we say , “TWINS?!” For Brady and Bailey, it was like looking in a mirror ! Since the Strout family wasn’t sure how their girl would take to a new housemate, they took Brady home through our Foster to Adopt Program. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this program allows for a trial period where a potential adopter can take one of my furmates home to see if it is a good match. We don’t just do this for anyone- it has to be a special circumstance. For example, if we have a limited history on a dog and aren’t sure how they will do in a specific environment, etc.

So, off Brady went for a little getaway to the Strout home. I was tempted to sneak off in Mrs. Strout’s lady bag to see how the whole shebang unfolded firsthand, but I heard Brady wasn’t a fan of cats, so I thought better not take my chances. So, anxiously I waited perched on my window sill in the employee conference room to see how it would all work out.

Two weeks later, in walks Brady, Bailey and the Strouts with the best news ever! Everything went great! They were back to officially adopt Brady! We got to see videos of the two beagle snuggling, wrestling, and enjoying each other as new completed fur-family!

Brady’s new family and his long lost twin sister!

Now, onto how Hannah, the lab/beagle, found her furever home and adoption double! Six years ago, the Dorman family adopted Jewel, from us. After visiting our website in search of a friend for their special girl, they stumbled upon Hannah! They couldn’t believe their eyes.  Hannah, only 1 year difference in age, looked JUST like their Jewel. They knew they had to meet her. So in they came with Jewel to meet our Hannah.

The visit with two girls did not give a clear indication of whether or not the two girls would be happy sharing a home. Personally, I think they were just shocked and stunned at the sheer resemblance between them that they didnt know what to think! So, once again, off the pair went into our foster to adopt program. Once the girls settled into their home and started getting used to the “twin” idea, they became peaceful roomies! They went for walks, car rides and even snowshoe adventures together!

Soon enough, the Dorman family came back in with their middle-aged twins to finalize the adoption! I put my paw of approval on the whole affair and the rest is history!

Jewel, snuggling with her new adopted twin, Hannah, from BHS!

There are still lots of my furmates looking for their purrr-fect family- twin or otherwise. Come visit our crazy cranines and fanatical felines this month. Maybe we will find a “double” that fits perfectly in your home, or maybe, inquire about our Foster to Adopt program to see which pets may qualify, so you want to take your time before committing! Just like we all have a twin out there, two legged or four, we all have a fur-match just right for our family. I found mine as part of the BHS family, so come visit and find yours today!