Come Meet your Match 3.6.13

This past Saturday (March 2nd) many people became familiar with the term ‘Meet Your Match’. A program that I help oversee at the humane society, Meet Your Match is a tool created by the ASPCA to help make the perfect match between adopter and animal and vice versa. Here at BHS we have adopters fill out a pre-adopt survey if they are interested in a particular animal (for this blog post I’ll be referencing the pre-adopt for someone looking for a canine companion). The pre-adopt seeks out information such as how much training a human is willing and able to work on, how high energy they prefer their pups, and so on. Once they have filled it out, an adoption counselor (supervised by yours truly of course) tallies up their pre-adopt and puts them in a category of green, orange, or purple. Their color coincides with the color chosen for the dogs we have available for adoption at that time. Whether or not the dog is green, orange or purple is determined by a separate pre-adopt of sorts that is made especially to evaluate the dogs. Cleverly titled a ‘Canine-Ality’, it calls for BHS staff to observe the dogs in different settings, such as being left alone in a room, walking on leash, playing with toys, etc.

Cinnamon’s adoption day!

If it is deemed that you are indeed best outfitted for a green dog – the high energy dogs with enthusiastic play styles who might do best in a more active home that is willing to work on training and can provide an active lifestyle – then the adoption counselors will guide the adopter in the direction of a dog who can keep up with them. This Saturday one of BHS’ ‘green dogs’ named Cinnamon met her perfect match when a young couple who were more than ready to provide an active home for such a pretty pitty wandered into the humane society and fell in love. After a pre-adopt and a meet with Cinnamon, the human/canine stars aligned and one seriously deserving girl found a forever home with an equally deserving young couple.

Precious bids farewell to staff, and goes home with her new family!

Earlier that same day, an adorable (and not to mention long-term resident and staff favorite) ‘orange dog’ named Precious found her perfect match. With a home whose activity level was right in the middle between a green and a purple; they were excited to start going on walks with Precious who is active and great on a leash. Perfect for a potential dog owner who wants a playful pup, but with an activity level that they can handle, Precious was a great fit for the family.

Although no ‘purple dogs’ were adopted on that spectacular Saturday, that is not to say that we don’t have some still available! Kemper is an adorable Pit Bull / Lab mix who has happily fallen under the purple category. Meaning he is very eager to learn, and a little more laid back than your average green or orange dog.

Kemper patiently awaits his perfect adoption match!

If you’re interested in seeing how the Meet Your Match program works, then come in today and ask more about it. And as always you are more than welcome to just come in and look around without filling out a pre-adopt. I’ve seen lots of humans not really know they’re even in the market for adopting a canine (or feline) until they stumble across their future fur baby while walking around our facility. So stop in today and take a look around! If nothing else I will be more than happy to provide you with some purrs and a little rub of my mustache against your hand.