Where’s Austin?… Are you a Fan?!

Austin is out spreading the word about the March Madness celebration at BHS!

Things are usually a bit crazy over at the Humane Society, but recently things have gone INSANE! The humans and I had a long brainstorm at the end of February to come up with some ideas to find more of my fur-mates their new homes. So, we decided to jump right into March Madness and get a little crazier than usual. We set an adoption goal of 267 adoptions for the month. WHEW! That’s a lot of fur-matches!  I knew we had a lot of work ahead to hit our goal, so I hit the pavement and got right to work.Staff found me today roaming around the basketball court downtown trying to spread the word of just how insane things have gotten at the humane society.First, we have created a little friendly competition between the crazy canines (dubbed Team Dog) with a team goal of 108 adoptions to match last year’s number.  The canine competitors are the fanatical felines (creatively dubbed Team Cat) whose adoption goal is 144 for the month. These are pretty hefty goals! For those of you who remember, last year in March we emptied the shelter of all adoptable pets for the first time in our history! 109 adoptions in just 12 hours!

Now of course, I am the Team Captain for the Team Cat crew, obviously. Now, I love me some friendly competition, but I am always sure to show good sportsmanship. So I will cheer the canines on in their valiant effort (though secretly I’ll be on the sidelines enjoying my cat nip and scheming plays for the fanatical felines!) But, let’s just keep that between us! So, here’s our strategy…for the month all Crazy Canines 7 months and older are 50% off!!! Holy cat grass, that’s a steal considering they are all spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and behavior evaluated! That’s some tough competition folks! But, don’t you worry, I am all over the Fanatical Felines game strategy—for the month, adopt any cat 7 months and older and YOU, yes you, the fan, get to name their Wacky Adoption fee (minimum of at least $10). Of course, even though this is game on to help find my furry felines a home while outsmarting, and out-adopting our canine opponents, we hope people will be as generous as possible. We are gearing up for our busy season and could use all the financial support we can get to help the many furry companions yet to come to BHS.

Lastly, if you do come to BHS during March Madness and support Team Dog or Team Cat by adopting one, don’t forget to ask staff for a chance to shoot from our in-house 3-point line. If you make a basket, you get a FREE microchip! Holy mouse-aroni! We all know how important ID-tagging and Microchipping your pet is, especially this time of year when the weather gets warmer and your pet is more adventerous to roam away from home! So come celebrate March Madness with the Bangor Humane Society this month. If you aren’t already a fan, we hope that soon you will be! That’s meow for now!