Match Monday: Rags to Riches

Sprawled out on the BHS lobby counter I get to see lots of furry friends come and go. Happy reunions between lost pet and human top the list, but I also favor those very wonderful moments when some of our special, long-term residents find their happy ending. It makes me purrr and rub against all the adoption counselors to show my approval for a job well-done on another adoption celebration. But, for each adoption and happy ending, there is a beginning that must be told in order to understand and appreciate the wonderful work that happens everyday at BHS.

Sweet Benji loved playtime with staff!

For Benji, a lover of plush squeaky toys like I am a lover of my catnip, and one of our more faithful canines, his beginning was (in his words) a ‘ruff’ one. Back in early February, Benji was brought to BHS by my favorite local Animal Control officer (because she is always sure to give me an extra ‘pat’ when she visits). His owner could not provide the necessary care Benji needed. He was dehydrated and had severe hair loss all over his body from a flea allergy. For being so uncomfortable, this sweet canine bonded with every BHS staff person (including yours truly) the minute he walked through the BHS doors.That is the one thing I will confess about those crazy canines that find residence in a shelter- they are some of the most loving, loyal and resilient in the animal kingdom- in my noteworthy feline opinion.

But, Back to Benji’s story. Staff took extra good care of Benji during his stay at BHS. He got special medicine to treat his skin and help his hair grow in. He had several visits to the vet to make sure he was on a healthy road home. He spent lots of time in staff offices in order to get the love and attention he drooled for. One of his special quirks was how much that loveable guy LOVED his squeaky toys. Honestly, it did get quite annoying the way he would “squeak” his way through the building, but his fun-loving, playful, and gentle way with people (and fellow fur mates, including myself) got lots of giggles out of staff, and even got a few purrs out of me. Staff seemed to especially enjoy dog walk with Benji around the trail as he was sure to strut his way around, proud to show off his favorite squeaky to everyone he passed by.

Finally, Benji was ready for adoption. Everyone was sure he would be adopted immediately. But, for some reason, visitors kept passing his kennel by. I think it is because his fur coat wasn’t plush and grown in (like mine), so they just thought he may require too much care. But, then these super nice humans came to visit just yesterday and asked about our Benji. They filled out the adoption match survey, and on paper they were a perfect match! They owned a house with a big yard, pond and four resident felines! I knew Benji would make fast friends with them and would love a home with a yard and pond. Everything about the visit I liked- they fell in love with Benji for the same special reasons we loved him. They were ready to spoil him with the toys, attention and the vet visits he needed and deserved! So, I quickly put my paw of approval on the adoption and purred in excitement over the PA system that “Benji was going home.”

And, the best part of Benji’s happy ending? The family owns their own business right in town so they plan to give him his very own quarters so he can work with them everyday! That’s right, another BHS fur-friend finds fame! Just don’t forget when you are out around town to collect paw-some autographs from famous fur-babies to stop by BHS and get one from yours truly. I will be the handsome orange tiger sprawled across the front desk, helping another BHS fur-friend find love, and maybe even a little fame!

Benji’s new family! Thanks Drake Family!