Where’s Austin? Happy St. Pittie’s Day!

Staff were surprised to find me curled up in my cat bed taking an extra long cat nap this morning because usually I am prancing about the shelter making sure everything is running smoothly. But, I am a bit tired from my most recent escapade. Staff have been so busy caring for and adopting our pets, that they didn’t catch me when I snuck out the front door between some incoming customers. I had an important event I had to get to- the St. Patrick’s Day Parade (aka St. Pittie’s Day parade as BHS staff have dubbed the holiday to showcase and promote our wonderful pitbulls!).

Austin advocates for BHS pitbulls in the St. Pittie’s Day Parade!

I had the perfect spotin the parade. Front and center among some animal-loving advocates. I got to walk alongside some handsome dogs and pitbulls…fotunate for me, they were all feline friendly! I strutted, I purred, and I promoted our pitbulls! I passed out our March Madness promotion to let everyone know about the insane adoption discounts going on all month long at BHS. I made sure to purr extra loud about our St. Pittie’s Day Special this Saturday, March 16th, where all our adoptable pitbulls are only $25! Staff really must have gone crazy because that is a steal! Only $25 for a vaccinated, spayed/neutered, behavior evaluated, super loving and loyal pitbull! They’re as crazy as I am for homegrown catnip! Meow! I had a great time in the St. Pittie’s Day parade and everyone was so nice, giving me gentle pats and letting me rub up against them while I told them about our wonderful pitbulls, like:

Abby, a one year old female pitbull who loves to talk as much as I do. She talks with everyone she meets! She would be best matched in a home with teens. And, because she likes all the attention, (I can totally relate) she would shine as the only pet.

Then, there’s Jack, a handsome one and a half year old male Pitbull. Jack is looking for an experienced owner who would be willing to bond with him over obedience classes. He is a fun-loving guy with lots of potential. He just needs a patient and committed home with teens!

Now, let me introduce you to Fern Gully. She is an adorable, two year old female Pitbull mix. She was found lost with no owner, so a kind animal control officer brought her to BHS to find a new home. She has lots of energy so she is looking for an active home. I found myself in a game of chase with her, (I am the own who likes to be in charge of the chasing- mice, balls, etc.) But, I wasn’t too fond of being the chasee. So, I am recommending a home without small pets!with lots of energy.  She is a fun, beautiful girl, definitely worth a visit.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to a very special boy, Thunder. He is a 5 year old Rottweiler/Lab mix. Now, I know what you are thinking. He’s not a pitbull! And, it is true. But, I had a team meeting with staff and all of our pitbulls, and it was unanimous! Thunder has been made an honorary Pitbull for our St. Pittie’s Day promotion so he too can qualify for the $25 adoption special. You see, Thunder, has had it “ruff.” He has been at the shelter for several months and has undergone several cherry eye removal surgeries, has mad multiple visits to the vet to regulate his medication that controls his seizures, sprained his ankle when playing with staff, and had many people pass his kennel by because of his deep, Rottie bark. Outside of his kennel, he is a lover of toys, dogs, and feline companionship.  He prefers to be in a home with adults who are active and love to play. So, our boy has had a run of bad luck, and his fellow canine Pitbull friends are hoping to help change that with a little luck from the Irish this weekend and help him finally find his forever home. I told you those Pitties were the most loving and loyal of all the breeds!

Thunder, honorary Pitbull for St. Pittie’s Day at BHS!

Meoooow. What great, energetic, beautiful, loyal pitbulls we have! Come check them out tomorrow for our $25 St. Pittie’s Day Sale. Be sure to give me a rub, I’ll be on the counter still recovering from the parade and all cat grass I rewarded myself with for all my hard work and efforts! And, to all of you who have rescued a pitbull, who love celebrating the breed as much as we do, and to those who hopefully adopt one on Saturday (crossing paws),  Happy St. Pittie’s Day to you all!