Match Monday: Adopting a Grumpy Cat

I am sure many of you are aware of another famous feline who’s grouchy face and rhetoric have become an internet sensation- The Grumpy Cat. Here at BHS not all of our adoptable felines are the loving, attentive, social, feline extroverts like I am. Some are feline introverts- interested more in their independence, reflective moments alone in their hideways, or isolated solo adventures staking out their environment- than time on a human lap getting rubs, ear scratches, and purrr-fect belly rubs. These introverted types tend to stay longer at BHS because those extroverted counterparts that rub the front kennel begging for attention, get noticed and adopted more quickly.

This is Jesse’s, certified BHS grumpy cat’s, story. She was brought to BHS back in October and because of her aloof, love-you-on-my-own-terms, moody behavior, she struggled to capture the hearts of human onlookers in search of their purrrfect companion. Now, Jesse is a unique case in that most cats tend to contract kitty colds when in the shelter for too long. The stress and lack of freedom in their kennel triggers a cold. Once a cat gets a cold, staff quarantine him/her so he/she doesn’t infect other cats, give it medicine, and then send the feline to one of our adoption partners offsite- like Petsmart, Petquarters, or Petco (once they are feeling better) to be adopted. This way if there are any kitty cold germs they are still shedding, staff won’t risk getting our other cats sick.

Typically, our cats get adopted within a few weeks of residence at BHS. But, not Jesse. She was too picky…and I wasn’t going to give my paw of approval on her adoption unless I for sure knew she would be content. So, here she waited- strong and healthy …and stubborn… in her grumpy cat ways!

Staff chose Jesse as BHS’ very own grumpy cat!

Staff grew to adore Jesse. So, in an effort to draw attention to her, they decided to embrace the “Internet Grumpy Cat” Phenonemon and made her, her very own ‘Grumpy Cat’ kennel sign! And lo’ and behold….just a couple of hours later,  the purrrfect couple saw her! They were drawn to her independent and stubborn nature because it reminded them of their most recent feline who sadly passed away. Great! An experienced ‘grumpy cat’ human companion! Austin Paw Approved! They spent time with Jesse and whenever she growled or hissed when they petted her in a way she disproved of, they just smiled and respectfully gave her space! I just love those kind of humans that embrace us four-legged creatures for who we are-quirks and all- and love us unconditionally like we do them!So, after five months in the shelter! Jesse finally went home and her new family finally got their own very special “grumpy cat”. Now, whether she finds her own internet fame or not, at least she is the star of her new home, where the humans love and embrace her beauty, wit, and colorful mood swings!

Jesse adopts her humans!