Austin’s Antics- Celebrating Spring with Adoption Gifts

Spring is in the air and the birds are chirpping and the bunnies are bouncing and hopping happily. Oh wait, that’s just here inside the Bangor Humane Society.  Everywhere else Bangor people are still digging out of the recent foot of snow we just received. Spring is a great time to remind people that we not only have lots of crazy canines and fanatical felines available for adoption, but we have a growing number of small animals looking for a new family to love as well.

Austin checking out the birds so he can help them find a new home!

Currently, we have lots of bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats and even some birds available for those who prefer those smaller furbabies. Human visitors to BHS often walk right by our small animal area, continuing on to browse our cats and dogs. Therefore, you will often find me trying to draw attention to these curious creatures, hoping to help find them a new home.

Austin guards these dwarf hamsters to ensure they find the right family!

Until I became the official BHS house cat, I never really understand these small fur creatures myself, but as they come and go here at BHS, I’ve learned to appreciate them for their own individual attributes. And, there is something to that hay those rabbits and guinea pigs love so much. If I am not sprawled across the front desk, you will often find me romping in a hay bale for a late afternoon snack.

Now, I consider myself a pretty laid back kind of guy. And, I must say not too many things get under my fur to bother me. I mean I am a lover of all cats, dogs, small animals and a variety of humans alike. But, the one thing that really makes my ears twitch and my tail puff up is when people purchase animals as gifts. Now, while I appreciate the intent and support of adoption for my fur friends, many times these “gifted” animals get returned because the recipient did not want a pet to begin with or it was not a match for their family or home. We have already had many onlookers inquire about adopting a kitten or a rabbit for their relative or friend for the upcoming Easter holiday. When these conversations ensue, I consider it my duty to protect these little fur babies until they find the purrfect furever home, so I typically interrupt with a long drawn out purrr and encourage them to purchase a gift certifcate at BHS that is good towards an adoption and dissuade them from adopting the actual pet for someone else. This way, the recipient can come in on their own accord and find the pet that suits them the best. It also prevents my fur friends from being bounced to and from the shelter, which is very stressful you know.

Some of the several bunnies currently available for adoption at BHS!

Remember, it is all about the right match. So if you are looking to celebrate the arrival of spring with a new furry companion, think adoption first. And, if you want to encourage friends or relatives to think adoption first with a furry gift, please be respectful of fur creature and gift recipient and choose a gift certificate instead! Consider the joy you will have returning to BHS and choosing the right pet together and celebrating a match well made!