Match Monday: From Murphy’s Law to One Lucky Dog!

For all of my fans who check out the BHS Facebook page daily, this happily match-made tail is not new news for you. But, every once in a while, a happy tail comes along that is just so good it must be shared over and over again.

Thunder, a 5 year old Rottweiler/Lab mix first came to BHS back in early November 2012. His owners brought him in because he preferred the four-legged kind of playmate to any two-legged human under 4 feet tall. He ALSO loved his toys and didnt want to share them with anyone under 14. Since mini humans frequented his house regularly it was too stressful and not a good match. So we embarked on a journey to find Thunder the right furever home.

However, from the moment he stepped into BHS nothing seemed to go easily for this dog. Staff often joked that he was a Murphy’s Law kind of of dog because anything that could go wrong for Thunder did. First, we learned that he suffered from regular seizures so we tried some new medicine to ease their frequency. Additionally, Thunder came in with a cherry eye condition in both eyes (where the inside of the eyelid flips out into a cherry-like bulge.) It is more of a cosmetic issue than a medical one, but it was uncomfortable for the poor guy, and that combined with his deep, raspy Rottie bark, intimidated onlookers who passed by his kennel. He had special surgery to remove the cherry eye and he looked great! A whole new dog! But, then stress and seizures caused the cherry eye to reappear.

Thunder poses for his adoption photo before he has his last cherry eye removal surgery.

Thunder grew very comfortable with BHS and because he wasn’t feeling well, he wasn’t himself in adoption visits, so we struggled to find him his match. I knew something was wrong- us fur-kind have a sixth sense for this kind of thing. Especially since Thunder was typically very happy to have me lounge around on the desk while we played with squeaky toy. Suddenly, he was a little grumpier and wasn’t interested in having me around. I tried to tell staff but no matter how loud I purred, they just wouldn’t listen.

Then, in an effort to give him a break from the shelter, staff sent him to a local daycare so he could play and get some time way from the kennel. They were so nice there that they let him stay overnight for several days!  But, when he first arrived at daycare, he was playing with another dog who played a little “too ruff” with Thunder and ended up biting his ear! The poor guy needed stitches!

While at daycare for a long canine vacation away from the shelter, we learned that Thunder’s seizures had increased a lot! So we called in our veterinarian friends to run some new tests and discovered Thunder’s seizure medication wasn’t working. We adjusted his meds and soon enough he was a changed dog! He was so much happier, wiggly and relaxed. He was back to himself playing with his toys and one on one with staff. He was feeling SO good, that he over did it just a bit, and sprained his paw! See, what did I tell you… Murphy’s Law?! The good thing was that it was a minor sprain and only lasted a few days.

Thunder’s new meds worked wonders and stopped his seizures for almost one month straight ! He will need to stay on them for the long-term, but they seemed to do the trick! Now, that his seizures were under control, we attempted one last cherry eye removal surgery so his look would match his new found canine-ality! And, success! Now, he looked as good as he felt!

Staff say goodbye to Thunder, who resided at BHS for 5 months!

Now, he was ready for a new adventure to a new home! And, lo’ and behold a nice gentleman had seen Thunder online and talked to staff about his history. He talked to his vet about managing his seizures ( I love adopters who do their homework first!). He made a trip to visit Thunder at BHS. At first, Thunder was a little unsure about this kind sir, but the gentleman just talked calmly and patiently with him for a long while. Then, Thunder’s ears perked up when heard that he would be living on a lake, and that just sealed the deal. Thunder jumped up, front paws on the nice man and started licking his face!!!

Dozens of sloppy kisses and hundreds of tail wags later, Thunder was on his way home!!! We posted his farewell on Facebook and got over 700 likes and almost one hundred comments wishing him good luck! So, he didn’t just get my paw of approval for this adoption…he got a whole lot more woofs, meows and high fives for his adoption tail than the usual. Way to go boy, now you’re ONE lucky dog!

Thunder is all smiles on his adoption day with his new doggy daddy!