Where’s Austin?- Finding Happiness in Store

Holy cat grass! The warm weather is slowly approaching, bringing lots of enthusiastic humans to visit the shelter looking for furry friendship to blossom like the tulips and daffodils in spring. Our March Madness promotion has been a huge success. So far, 227 pets have gone home, leaving us only 40 adoptions to go to reach our goal! Meowzer!Team Cat has taken the lead with 133 finding homes (out of their 144 goal), 69 dogs going home (out of their 108 goal -looks like those fanatical felines are pretty competitve and have pulled out all the stops to beat those crazy canines), and 25 small animals have gone home. But, the competition isnt over folks. There is still all day today and tomorrow left for our March Madness special. Just a reminder for those coming late into the game that those Crazy Canines 7 months and older are 50% and all Fanatical Felines 7 months and older are name your own adoption fee with a minumn of $10.

Final 2 Days of our March Madness Promo!

In an effort to help push our adoption goal over the top before time runs out on the March Madness scoreboard clock, I hit the streets again to spread the word in town. I made sure to stop at all of our adoption partners to check in and say thank you for being a fan: Petsmart, Petco and Petquarters who are helping represent Team Cat (I did a lot of rubbing and purring to schmooze them over to our side.) They showcase many of our gorgeous felines hoping to help them find their way to a furever home.

Austin hits the streets of Bangor to promote our offsite Adoption Partners during March Madness!

So, if you haven’t found your match at BHS, dont forget to visit one of our adoption partners, all located on Stillwater Ave in Bangor. Many of the cats there have been long term residents at BHS so I know them quite well. We hoped sending them to the other side of town would help them find their purrrfect match. So stop on by, I’d be happy to introduce you. I would also be happy yo show you around the store and help pick out all the new accessories for your new furry friend. I am quite the expert when it comes to cat trees, mouse toys, and jingly balls .Ill help you find just the right toy for your new feline friend. I am anxiously waiting to introduce you to your match (especially since Team cat is only 10 adoptions away from our goal!), so stop on by, there’s happiness in store….