Match Monday: Fiona gets her Fairytale

Once upon a time in a far away land, a sweet little four-legged princess named Fiona was made to sleep and live in a barn. She was not allowed to play with friends or follow her canine whims. Then one day, a magical fairy rescued her and brought her to a new kingdom called the Bangor Humane Society. She was very shy, nervous to meet new people, and had almost no fur because of mites and a bad flea allergy.

After two months of regular visits with a veternarian and time in foster care, her beautiful black locks began to grow back and she was becoming more confident in her canine skin. The staff at BHS learned that playing with other dogs helped her to come out of her shell. She would bounce and play wanting to be just like them. Staff took their time looking for a very special, quiet, patient home for the delicate 1 year old princess.

The shy, but sweet, Princess Fiona waiting at BHS for her fairytale ending,

At the same time, a very special lady named Linda who lived by herself in sweet, small cottage with her cat was looking for a new special canine companion. A year ago, her sweet canine girl passed away and Linda had lots of love to give to another furbaby. Linda is a very good friend of BHS, always supporting the mission with donations, so she talked in depth with staff about a new furmatch.

A few days ago, Princess Fiona’s fairy godmother arranged for Linda’s and Fiona’s paths to cross in a very special way. Staff agreed that Linda and Princess Fiona would be a perfect match! Linda spent the whole weekend getting a special room ready just for Princess Fiona and began planning their daily walk adventures together. The best part is that Linda is good friends with her neighbor and their bubbly, outgoing Boxer named Bella who loves to come over and play, so Princess Fiona is going to have her very own best friend living next door!

Last night, Linda came to complete all the adoption paperwork and take Princess Fiona home at last. Linda was kind enough to thank me for my paw of approval with a nice scratch behind the ears. I say this a match made in happily ever after!

Staff say goodbye to Princess Fiona, sending her off into her happy ending!