Match Monday: Born this Way

Spring greetings from the Bangor Humane Society!  While we enjoy all that spring brings to Maine: the gardening of vegetables and flowers, the longer daylight hours, and the extended time enjoying outdoor activities, and for me, I loved to sprawl out in the screened in porch off cat adoptions to gaze at all the humans coming in to find their perfect fur match. But, for staff at BHS the warmer temperatures signal an increased arrival of cats and kittens at the shelter. Next month, our intake of homeless cats and kittens doubles, causing a dramatic increase in our expenses and required resources.  I thought I would share one of our many recent successes, so that you can understand just how important your support is, financial and otherwise, especially this time of year.

Tuna awaiting her perfect family, hoping they would love her and accept her for who she is!

Tuna, a one-year-old brown tiger, was brought to the shelter because she had a quirky walk and struggled with her balance. Her owner could not provide her with the veterinary care she required. Once Tuna arrived at BHS, she was seen by one of the local veterinarians that provide care to our shelter pets. They could not determine what exactly caused Tuna’s quirky walk, as she did not seem to be in physical pain or have any other symptoms. They deemed she mostly likely was “born this way.” Staff knew she may be difficult to adopt because of her potential neurological condition, but she was the sweetest and most affectionate cat. They decided to decorate her kennel with signage just as special she was in hopes of drawing the attention of potential adopters. Two days later, the Field Family fell in love with Tuna, easily embraced her eccentric ways, and adopted her!

Ever so often, we get wonderful adopters who visit us looking to add a new feline into their family and are willing to open their heart and home to one of our “special needs” cats. We are grateful for adopters like the Field Family, who gave Tuna the loving, second chance she deserves.

Please come visit, and tell your friends to do the same, and check out the many “special needs” cats receiving the love and care they need here at the Humane Society while they await their perfect match!