In case you haven’t been over to the Bangor Humane Society yet to meet me, let me introduce myself. My name is Austin and I am the kingpin over at the Bangor Humane Society. When I was dropped off at the Humane Society a few years ago, the staff found me so irresistible that they decided to keep me around as the official BHS house cat.

I like to lie around on the counter and greet the people who come to visit. I am in charge of keeping all the BHS staff and pets in line to ensure everything is running smoothly. I also like to give my ‘paw of approval’ on all new adoptions.

I am incredibly honored and very excited to have the chance to write weekly updates about what is going on at your local shelter through the perspective of yours truly. A year ago, I started my own column in our agency newsletter, but found that I was quickly outgrowing my Quarterly column. So, I launched my own Facebook page to keep my fans in the BHS loop more regularly. Once again, I have found I need to stretch my aptitude for feline prose with my very own blog.

Last year, BHS adopted out 848 more animals than in 2011. We hope to adopt out even more this year. So, we thought, what better way to start the New Year and encourage more people to adopt, than with my very own blog, “Tails from a House Cat. I hope to give all of my readers a glimpse at the amazing work that happens here at The Bangor Humane Society, and hopefully inspire more humans to adopt a new fur-friend this year.

On “Match Mondays” I will highlight one of our recent adoption success stories. Then, stay tuned for my mid-week, “Where’s Austin?” segment. One of the perks of being the resident BHS cat is that I get to roam all over the shelter. So, I’ll bring you a behind the scenes look at a day at the shelter- from dog walk, to behavior evaluations, to spay/neuter right in our own OR. Lastly, take a peek at “Austin’s Antics.” It’s where I’ll post about anything important going on in the shelter world like pet tips, humane education and laws, and community partnerships, as well as highlighting staff, volunteers and long-term resident pets that all deserve a shout out!

I hope my blog will show you all the wonderful work that happens at BHS. I welcome your thoughts and comments, so please feel free to email my resident human, Stacey, at Stacey@bangorhumane.org. She will be sure to stay on top of all my fan mail. So, I hope you will check meowt! Thank you for reading!