Match Monday: Special Adoption Angels

I think all our BHS adopters are special humans because they all choose to adopt a new fur friend and give a homeless or abandoned friend of mine a second chance. They also know that at BHS we give each pet the very best care while they are here. They all see a veterinarian, get examined and evaluated so staff can find them the very best home, and they all get their vaccinations and are spayed/neutered before they leave so we don’t have more litters of kittens or puppies arriving unwanted at our shelter in the future.

But, it takes a very very special human to adopt what we at BHS call, one “of our special needs,” fur friends. If you are a frequent visitor at BHS then you know what I am talking about. It may be and elderly shepherd looking for a retirement home, a young lab recovering from hip surgery and needs a life of exercise, a lean diet, and physical therapy, or it could be a sweet arthritic feline that is on medicine for the rest of her life to ease the symptoms. You all remember Thunder, right? I blogged about him in last week’s edition of Match Monday. He was dubbed “special needs” because of his seizures and the ongoing medication he will require.

This adoption angel stole our hearts and won us over to become our “special” Lupin’s puuurfect match!

Well, just recently, one of our sweet min canines, Lupin, fit this special needs category purrrfectly. She’s a 6 year old sheltie that has very bad arthritis. She came in desperately needing a manicure and a professional grooming because her hair was all tangled and matted. She has very bad arthritis, making it difficult for her to even enjoy the shortest of walks. She was put on special medicine to help make her more comfortable that she will need to stay on for the rest of her doggy years.

So often you’ve heard staff and myself use the phrase, “Come meet your match.” And, we talk about finding the right pet for your lifestyle, experience and interests. Well, with these special needs cases, staff often have to flip it around to find the right match for my fur friend. Lots of people fell in love with Lupin because she was a sweet, small dog who looked like one of those supermodel dogs you would see on a Pedigree commercial. Even yours truly took a double take when she came back from her day at the spa, with her long locks combed and trimmed so beautifully. For a moment, she reminded me of a past girlfriend, a long haired Maine Coon I was smitten with for quite some time. But, then the catnip wore off and I remembered that Lupin was a canine. Just not my type.

But, anyhow, we had to have some difficult conversations with adopters who fell in love with Lupin and wanted her as their perfect match. But, we were looking for a an owner that had experience with the sheltie breed, understood her grooming and cosmetic maintenance needs, and had the ability to afford long term care of her arthritis management medication. Lots of humans walked out of BHS disappointed because we had to tell them they were not Lupin’s perfect match. And then….we met the Thomas family! They had raised shelties before and even was able to tell us a whole lot about the breed! They didnt even blink and eye when we mentioned long term medication needs. And, they had the nice quiet home she would thrive in.

So, that was it. Austin paw approved! The Thomas Family was the lucky adopter who won our hearts to take our Lupin home. And, Lupin found her very special human. A few days later, the Thomas’ sent us an update with a photo of Lupin in her new home- content and settling in slowly, being treated as the princess she deserves. That’s what I like to hear, since my BHS family treats me like a king. I wish for that kind of royal treatment for all my fur friends- especially those ones with “special needs.”

Lupin settling into her new furever home!

Thanks for reading my blog. Come visit us, and please remember, that we always strive to help you find you purrrfect match at BHS, but we also need to look for the purrrfect match for each of our furfriends, especially in “special” cases, like Lupin’s. So, if you fall in love with one of our “special” residents, and we decide you arent quite the right fit, please don’t leave disappointed, let us guide you to the puuurfect match for you and fur friend alike!