Austin’s Antics: Microchipping your Pet

Hey it’s Austin again, here to bring you a very important public service announcment. Please microchip, register and ID your pets! Did you know that last year over 1,200 animals came to the Bangor Humane Society as lost or stray pets?! And, only 25% of them were returned their owners. If a pet arrives at BHS, or any shelter across the US for that matter, veternarian’s office, or in the hands of an Animal Control Officer, the first thing those humans do is scan the pet for a microchip. A microchip is a small, rice- sized, object that sits under the skin, between the shoulder blades of your pet. It contains important digital information that can help humans reunite lost pets with their families. That important stored information is YOUR contact information.

Now, a microchip is not to be confused with a GPS tracking device. If your pet gets lost, it cannot help you find your pet by tracking its location. But, it does ensure an easy and quick way for BHS staff to find a lost pet’s owner.

A lot of people aren’t convinced that microchipping is for them. Well, let me offer some reasons why microchipping your pet is a good idea:

1. If a pet is lost, he or she can easily be identified with a microchip: Pets can be reunited with their owners in a matter of minutes. It is especially important after natural disasters, when travelling on vacation away from home, or when weather starts to get nice and pets get anxious to roam, along with all those other circumstances where there is an increase risk that pets can become separated from their owners.

2. Holidays can be chaotic pets can get lost in the hustle and bustle: Whether it is holiday deliveries, guests constantly opening the door, or just general holiday excitement, pets can easily slip out unnoticed, before their owners realize they are gone.

3. The procedure is quick and painless: Bringing pets in for the microchip procedure is quick and easy; the chip can be inserted during any regular office visit, so no additional visit is needed.

How microchips work.

4. Convenience and clear communication: For those good samaritans who find lost pets and try to return them to their rightful owner, there is an ID tag on the pets collar that comes with a microchip, with instructions on the steps to take when a pet is found

5. A permanent assurance: Unlike normal pet ID tags, which are easily removed in the case of theft, microchips are unable to be removed from the pet; they are a permanent and safe alternative that gives pets a better chance at returning to their home.

So, in an effort to boost the number of lost pets that come to BHS and are reunited with their owners, BHS staff have nominated yours truly as the official microchip spokescat to educate our community and adopters on the importance of microchipping, IDing and registering yoru pet at your local town office, all which can help ensure a quick and safe return of your lost pet.

All month long BHS is running a special Microchip and ID tag promotion.  With an adoption during April, you can get a microchip for just $10, in addition to a free engraved tag of your choice. (Check mine out as sample when you vist, it says “Awesome Austin,” so you can easily distinguish me amongst all the other BHS felines in the building). You can also stop in any time during our business hours with your own pet, whether adopted from us or not, and get a microchip and ID tag for only $20!. The initial cost comes with one year registration. Make sure if you do microchip your pet, you go home and immediately register it with your contact information so it will be linked to your pet. After your first year, annual registration of the microchip is $18 or $50 for a lifetime registration.

April microchip special at BHS!

So stop by this month and microchip your pet. Help us help YOU ensure a safe return of your pet should he/she get lost. Feel free to ask staff more about microchipping and the benefits it offers, especially at time of adoption. And, while your here, be sure to give “Awesome Austin” a nice long belly rub!